About Our Lessons/Clinics

Our goal during lessons and clinics is to provide young basketball players with knowledge, fundamentals, and drills that allow them to improve their individual skill sets so that they can reach their basketball goals.  The program will break down the basics of ballhandling, shooting, footwork, passing, and defense.  Each week we will advance on what was learned the week before.  

The groups will be broken down into 4 individuals around the same skill level.  Please be honest about your child's skill level so that we can keep these groups as competitive as possible.  The last five to ten minutes of each session we try and take what was learned that day and put it into a competitive game (1 on 1, 2 on 2, 2 on 1).  Each player will leave every session with drills and fundamentals to work on, on their own, before the next lesson.